Who we are

Montessori Ronda & Serrania

We cannot create observers by saying ‘observe’, but by giving them the power and the means for this observation and these means are procured through education of the senses”.

Maria Montessori

An International School where every boy and girl benefits from a personalised tailored education.

Welcome to the International School Montessori Ronda. A way that we want to walk on the basis of the educational model of Maria Montessori, which shows us that education is a natural process that the individual carries out spontaneously and is not the result of hearing words, but is based on the experience provided by experimental contact with the environment.

For this we have prepared environments that reproduce natural life, that are harmonious, beautiful, relaxed, free and orderly. They invite the child to explore and to BE so that he can unfold and develop his full potential. In addition, these prepared environments will allow interpersonal relationships to be based on respect, courtesy and love.  This will help them grow by experiencing life and school, which will give them a greater awareness of citizenship and a sense of responsibility and respect for self and others.

Children will be accompanied by qualified professionals with a broad understanding of the method, with a profound knowledge of the child’s needs and an enormous human quality coupled with the ability to remain in the background and give real protagonism to the child.

The child, with his enormous physical and intellectual potential, is a miracle in front of us. This fact should be transmitted to all parents, educators and others interested in children, because education from the beginning of life could really change the present and future of society. We must be clear, though, that the development of human potential is not determined by us. We can only serve the development of the child, as this is done in a space where there are laws governing the operation of every human being and every development must be in harmony with the world around us and the whole universe“.

Maria Montessori