What we do

In our school we have prepared environments that reproduce natural life, that are harmonious, beautiful, relaxed, free and orderly. They invite the child to explore and to BE so that he can unfold and develop his full potential. In addition, these prepared environments will allow interpersonal relationships to be based on respect, courtesy and love. This will help them to grow by experiencing life and school, which will give them a greater awareness of civic responsibility and respect for themselves and others.

Children will be accompanied by qualified personnel with a broad understanding of the method, with a deep knowledge of the child’s needs and an enormous human quality coupled with the ability to remain in the background and give real protagonism to the child.

Montessori Ronda y Serranía

Prepared Environment

Prepared environment or classroom refers to an space that is carefully organized for the child, more specifically, to encourage and ensure better learning and growth. It develops social, emotional and intellectual aspects and also responds to the need for order and security. The design of these spaces is based on the principles of beauty and order. They are luminous, warm, spacious, open, orderly, aesthetic, simple and real spaces, where each element has its raison d’être and promotes the child’s development. When it speaks of love it refers to respect, to responsible freedom and with limits, to trust, to value the child, to patience and to know their needs. The idea is to give the child the chance to get to know themselves and to give them the means to do so. 

In this calm and orderly space there is also a lot of movement and activity, where children are totally free to choose and work at their own pace. Thus, the space itself and the teachers lead the child to the development of the ability to combine freedom and self-discipline.

These spaces combine children of different ages, making them support each other regardless of academic level.

By creating a bond between children, parents and teachers, Maria Montessori sought to create a close-knit community. In this community children learn to share, to care for younger children, to learn from older people and to trust others.

Montessori Ronda y Serranía Children´s House

Education in Values

Education in values is the entire educational community’s responsibility; it represents a critical perspective of the reality that is in force and that affects the whole of society. The education in values arises from the true personal commitment, these cannot be transmitted but are lived in the day to day relationships with others.

María Montessori had an important social conscience, emphasizing the repercussions that living conditions have on society.

In our spaces, the values that we foresee in our school ideology are very present:

Love for others and for life itself as a pure and warm feeling that enlarges man and prepares him for a life in full community. A life in which respect for oneself, for other people and beings of nature, for our environment, whether in the living room or in our natural spaces, is integrated in each moment of the day, thus awakening an ecological awareness that encourages care for any type of pollution.

The value of each being is unique and incomparable. We feel that everyone must be aware of their own being and work in harmony and coherence to be able to unfold and develop their full potential within our surroundings. Without forgetting that we always work for the common good and in cooperation, in a humble and helpful way but keeping in mind the dignity and integrity of each and every one of the people who participate in our project.

Another of the values that we profess in our project is to promote autonomy according to the possibilities and capacities of each one, having it as a value and avoiding any unnecessary intervention that limits or slows down the personal development of children from their first years of life. This will provide the security and confidence necessary in oneself to advance with a firm step in the development as a person, always betting on the emotion that awakens each new achievement, each discovery. That is why we are always open to exploration and experimentation that are born in an environment that values the creative attitude of all its members, which promotes free thought and encourages personal creation by giving freedom and value to new forms of expression.

All this in an environment of equality in which neither the age, nor the sex nor the cultural origin of each one suppose prejudices nor conditions, but come to enrich an space that is characterized by its multiculturalism and by the personal wealth of each and every one of its members. 

The teacher’s model is aimed at the children’s care and the school’s value model both in the children and in the families that are part of the educational community, because the coherence and internalisation of some universal values of coexistence and respect are important for the people who are part of our project.

We think that our daily work will have a positive and profound impact on the people in our immediate surroundings.