Montessori Ronda

Rural environment

Knowing and raising awareness of our environment

Thanks to the uniqueness of the center and its location, as well as the specific training of the teaching staff and the resources available to the school, comprehensive programs and pro-environmental awareness processes, are developed based on knowledge and awareness of the defense of the natural and landscape values of the environment or the agricultural activities and transformation processes traditionally designed in the area in which it is located. The Environmental Education services offered by the school are related to the interpretation of natural processes, environmental education, and activities related to the environment itself.

Our environmental project aims to raise the awareness of its users about natural resources and the environment of the surroundings of the center and Andalusia, by extension.

Our garden

Working in the garden offers the opportunity to appreciate a natural environment to learn and encourage a series of attitudes of coexistence, responsibility, and collaboration, which are essential for the child’s development.

Benefits of the garden

It integrates several areas of knowledge, functioning as a transversal and interdisciplinary axis in the different stages of infant and primary school.

  • Promotes values of cooperation, perseverance, and responsibility.

  • Develops motor skills.

  • Develops habits of care and environmental responsibility.

  • Promotes teamwork.

  • Stimulates the senses.

  • Encourages healthy and balanced nutrition.